Based in Tallahassee, Florida, an area typically unknown for its landscapes. My passion certainly did not start out with only landscapes. Like many photographers, I dabbled with a handful of things: people, places, concerts, studios, food, animals, and nature. I spent roughly 4 years capturing anything and everything with the intention to develop my skills and enjoy the art of shooting. By the end of 2015, something changed.

I took my third trip to Zion to visit family out west. The genuine joy from hiking through the snow and witnessing the world around me is incredibly energizing. Turning off my phone, disconnecting from everything, and just taking in the majesty of what is right below our feet. It left me breathless. I asked myself – “How can I capture this feeling?” It is at that very moment that I knew I wanted to try my absolute best to share that experience with the world.

Landscape photography personally drives me to see things I may have never knew existed. It wakes me up at ungodly hours in the morning and urges me to appreciate the world that is around me – even when I am not shooting. The feeling I get when I finally capture that perfect moment after scouting a location for days, with multiple failed attempts or uncontrollable weather. It is absolutely innervating.

Eventually all of this leads to a strong balance between photography and nature. The desire to see the world that surrounds us becomes simultaneously driven by my drive to perfect its presentation. Every moment becomes a learning experience and every experience becomes a memory.