Spain Day 2

Another earlier morning to catch the bus to the next hotel we are checking out. This time no breakfast sadly. On the plus side I took one less bag by stuffing my C100 into my backpack. More on that later. We visited The Principal Madrid. Which was in the heart of the city, right next to one of the most famous building in Madrid. 

 Metropolis, a gorgeous view from their 7th floor terrace. After filming for a few hours, which I hope to upload some shots soon, we headed back to drop off the stabilizer. I just wanted to take the time to appreciate the little airbnb flat I am staying in. It's adorable and Rosa, the owner, has been all smiles. I imagine if I could have a bad day here, she would surely cheer me up. Thankfully that isn't the case so far!

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Spain Day 0

My first travel blog. It's been a long time coming! I'll eventually getting around to posting things from Nihiwatu, but for now I want to keep up with posting from my current adventure. If anything, I just want to have these for memory sake, but I'd love any comments or feedback. Okay let's start!

Somehow we got direct flights from Miami for extremely cheap, which made the trip possible. After spending some time with Rebecca Family we were off.

Literal last row. 

Our flight was a red eye, 11:15pm-7:00am, landing at 12pm Madrid time. Instead of taking a taxi we walked aimlessly looking for the bus. It was standing room only and then we got in what seemed to be an interstate highway, while I was standing... 

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A change of scenery

Hey everyone, as you might have noticed my website looks a bit different. I wanted to re-do the entire thing after building it this summer because I was never in love with it. At the same time I have decided to switch hosts away from privately hosting to adapting to squarespace. Meaning all my images load faster! 

On top of that, I wanted to blog more often. A personal look into what's going on with me if you will. This year will involve a lot more traveling and I thought it would be fun to try and write down my adventures throughout that time. I'll get into more detail about that later as I've already got one trip to post about it! For now I just wanted a "hello world" post. 

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to start this new journey to share with all of you.