Spain Day 0

My first travel blog. It's been a long time coming! I'll eventually getting around to posting things from Nihiwatu, but for now I want to keep up with posting from my current adventure. If anything, I just want to have these for memory sake, but I'd love any comments or feedback. Okay let's start!

Somehow we got direct flights from Miami for extremely cheap, which made the trip possible. After spending some time with Rebecca Family we were off.

Literal last row. 

Literal last row. 

Our flight was a red eye, 11:15pm-7:00am, landing at 12pm Madrid time. Instead of taking a taxi we walked aimlessly looking for the bus. It was standing room only and then we got in what seemed to be an interstate highway, while I was standing... 

We finally arrived to where we were staying. Nothing fancy this time, quite the opposite. As this adventure was more for ourselves than anything specific. Rebecca is staying with an old friend and I'm staying in the smallest AirBnB with some Dutch roommates who I haven't all met yet. But I'm actually really excited to meet new friends! 


We dropped our stuff off and went to grab lunch. I didn't want to switch my backpack over from "travel mode" to "photography mode" because we were just going to get lunch... so I thought. People have always said the food in Europe is delicious, and so far it has been. We walked a block over and I ordered pumpkin stuff ravioli with pesto sauce and Parmesan. It was delicious!


After a long chat and lunch. We decided to explore and walk around with Michelle, Rebecca's friend. We stopped at what I'd say is the most European cliche I can imagine, a pastry shop with whine and cappuccinos!


What I thought was just going to be looking at some shops turned into seeing things that made me really wish I had my camera. Thankfully I had my phone and I always say that the best camera is the one you have with you!


This last photo is the only one I edited. All within my phone. I apologize for the "basic" other photos but I simply don't have time to edit everything. That said, look at how beautiful that sunset was! Buen Retiro, we are definitely coming back more prepared. I was so upset I didn't have my camera but also very appreciative for what I can capture on my phone.

Last but not least. I took my very first subway ride! Not that exciting for most, but at 27, it's a special first for me.


I came back to my flat and met the owner, Rosa. A wonderful Dutch women who teaches here! We chatted for a bit and then I got situated in my room. It didn't take long to pass out after being up for so long. 

Thanks for reading! Let's hope I can keep up with it while filming and shooting photos.