Spain Day 2

Another earlier morning to catch the bus to the next hotel we are checking out. This time no breakfast sadly. On the plus side I took one less bag by stuffing my C100 into my backpack. More on that later. We visited The Principal Madrid. Which was in the heart of the city, right next to one of the most famous building in Madrid. 


 Metropolis, a gorgeous view from their 7th floor terrace. After filming for a few hours, which I hope to upload some shots soon, we headed back to drop off the stabilizer. I just wanted to take the time to appreciate the little airbnb flat I am staying in. It's adorable and Rosa, the owner, has been all smiles. I imagine if I could have a bad day here, she would surely cheer me up. Thankfully that isn't the case so far!


We were starving and headed to meet Michelle and her roommate Sarah. Sarah suggested we try this sushi place that does a special on Wednesday where they have a 1 euro menu. It was decently tasty and super afforabale! I only spent 6 euro on everything you see. 


After a late lunch we headed to the other side of Madrid to an area not filled with tourist. A large park on the south side of Madrid with a river running through. This bridge they built was incredible and the lighting was perfect for some black and white photos. You'll see that a little later. For now enjoy this one I took on my phone ☺ 


After a lot of walking we headed back to downtown area. Speaking of walking, the bag I'm lugging around has my C100, 5DM4, 16-35, 70-200, and my tripod. It must weigh 25 pounds. I can't believe I can bring all of that along in one bag but it's taken a toll on my back. By the end of the day my shoulders are sore. We have been walking an average of 7 miles a day, so the added weight is like a work out. 


Walking back to Retiro park we took a break for a quick snack. By take a break I mean Rebecca and Co. sat down while I took the opportunity to shoot some sunset video while I waited for my smoothie. I came back and left in a hurry to catch the fading sun. I'm glad I didn't because I captured my favorite photo of the trip so far. Which I'll post soon! 


I filmed until the sun went down so I don't have any quick pics to show for it. I do have some pictures of this really awesome pizza place we went to. I had been craving pizza since we came so we found a place right down town, right next to the Metropolis building actually! I was fascinated by this place because it was right down town, beautifully designed inside, and absolutely affordable. My gourmet pizza was only 12 euro! I don't know how it's possible.  

This was the bathroom. Which I had to take a picture of because these large urns are the sinks!  

This was the bathroom. Which I had to take a picture of because these large urns are the sinks!  


It was almost 10pm and we were exhausted. Also stuffed with pizza so we headed home. A quick bus trip and we were there. I relaxed for a bit as we got to sleep in the next day!

Until tomorrow, hope you enjoyed!